What Is The Attraction To Buying A Purple Elephant Stuffed



There are many types and colors of stuffed animals. Having always been enamored with the color purple and believing that elephants are good luck, I always dreamed of getting a purple elephant stuffed animal. Combining these two factors in one entity, will produce a lucky charm that I can carry with me. Generally speaking,I am not a superstitious person, but I do think that elephants are sacred creatures, to be revered.
Everyone can use more good luck , no one is exempt from this need. Whether or not you ascribe to the belief that stuffed elephants produce good luck to their owner, there are plenty of cultures that believe that the live versions of elephants do. They prohibit the slaughter of elephants, the removal of their tusks or the usage of their body parts in medicine, clothing or food products. There are still poachers who run rampant throughout African and Asia, despite the efforts of park rangers. Hopefully, someday elephants will truly be protected from those who wish to harm them.